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Why Payday Loans Are The Norm for American Families

Why Payday Loans Are The Norm for American Families

Payday loans have firmly entered our lives. The microfinance market is developing all over the world, and the attitude of people towards short-term lending has changed from negative to neutral or positive. Users have become more literate, and payday loans become a useful product when used wisely.

What does the US credit system look like?

The combination of private and public financial institutions makes up America’s credit system, the most advanced and efficient in the world. Its components are the banking system and non-bank credit organizations:

  1. Savings and loan associations.
  2. Federal Reserve System (FRS).
  3. Banks: investment, commercial, savings.
  4. Financial companies.
  5. Postal savings banks.
  6. and others.

The main role in the US credit system is played by various financial and credit organizations, they attract temporarily free funds and provide them to others on various conditions.

The Fed acts as the country’s central bank:

  • provides supervision and control over banking activities;
  • maintains a balance between the interests of commercial banks and the people;
  • protects credit rights of borrowers;
  • controls risks;
  • ensures the stability of the financial system;
  • manages the emission of money.

The main role in the management of the Federal Reserve System is played by the state, but the form of ownership of the organization is joint-stock with the participation of private capital.

A credit score in the U.S. depends on how actively you use loans: how often you take them, how much, how you cope with the service, whether you make payments on time, and even on what you spend the borrowed money on. Therefore, a large number of loans can provide preferential terms.

Why Americans are actively borrowing money

Residents of the United States have long appreciated the convenience of loans in everyday life. This culture has evolved over decades: why postpone the acquisition of any benefits and save money for them if you can use everything today and pay for it later?

In addition to buying things, cars and real estate, even university studies are paid on credit. Most students study on credit, and the loan is issued not to the parents, but to the student. After graduation, young people find a job and begin to pay for their studies. This is a good incentive to conscientiously study and get high scores. After all, it depends on their competence how good a job they will find and how quickly they can pay off their debts.

In the US, there are many different loan programs, people take out different loans for different purposes. Because each product provides preferential terms in a certain area.

Payday lending in the U.S.

The system of payday loans is also developed in the USA, the number of microfinance institutions exceeds the number of McDonald’s restaurants in the country and reaches 23 thousand. Initially, people could get payday loans in the lender’s office. Today you can also apply and get the funds via the Internet. Recent statistics reveal that 73% of all North Carolina residents prefer to apply online via The online portal guarantees instant funding and approves 9 applications out of 10. If approved, borrowers typically receive the money within 24 hours or even immediately. There are no strict requirements and almost every adult US resident qualifies for a loan. The demand for offline products is gradually going down.

The attitude of a microfinance institution to a borrower in the U.S. is more flexible; when considering an application, specialists consider many factors. The terms of payday loans are short and usually do not exceed 31 days. Loan amounts vary by state and city. For instance, the average payday loan amount in Fayetteville NC is $800, in Greensboro and Charlotte – $1,000.

Such loans are used not only by individuals whose paychecks are delayed but also by owners of small businesses. Banks often refuse to give a loan withut collateral, and microfinance institutions come to the rescue.

The attitude of the population to payday loans is ambiguous. The truth is: if used correctly, a payday loan is a convenient financial tool that provides good support and assistance. It is no longer a product for the lower strata who are constantly in need of money.

Features of payday loans in the U.S.

Microfinance institutions in the United States began their development recently but are already very popular among the population. Difficult financial situation force people to resort to short-term online loans. The features of online payday loans in the US are given below:

  1. Timing. You can typically get a loan for 5-31 days.
  2. Loan size. $100-$1,000 (sometimes up to $2,500)
  3. Cost. $10-$30 for every $100 borrowed.
  4. Purpose of lending. For any purpose (car repair, utility bills, medical treatment, debt consolidation, etc.)


Despite high interest rates, payday loans in the U.S. have undeniable advantages: convenience, speed and ease of obtaining. It is important to correctly understand the peculiarity of this loan product and not to use these loans for long-term needs.

The microfinance market is developing and, perhaps, lending conditions will improve in the near future.

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