Welcome to National Family Week!

November 21 – 27, 2010


Everyone is Invited to Participate in NFW

National Family Week firmly believes that strong families are at the center of strong communities. Everyone has a role to play in making families successful, including neighborhood organizations, businesses, nonprofits, policymakers, and families themselves.

You may be wondering who can participate in National Family Week?

National Family Week welcomes and encourages everyone. Suggestions on who might participate include:

Schools and families can encourage their community to host a school committee hearing and focus on ways to improve your child’s education, plan your own National Family Week event at your school, meet and get to know your child’s friends and parents, plan a family supper with fellow classmates, or hold a family night function at school featuring interactive games, food, and other fun activities.

National organizations, corporations and businesses can provide their support to National Family Week by participating in local National Family Week events, offering family-friendly options such as flexible hours and time off to attend school functions, or conducting awareness campaigns on behalf of National Family Week through various communication materials to their employees, community and board members. They also have the ability to plan and implement National Family Week events held by their local affiliates.

Policymakers can lend their support by making a speech at a local National Family Week event, issue a proclamation declaring National Family Week in their community, spread awareness about National Family Week to other policymakers, provide a written endorsement of National Family Week, or engage in activities that advocate on behalf of vulnerable children and families. We look forward to your participation and thank you for your support of families in your community.