Welcome to National Family Week!

November 21 – 27, 2010


National Family Week Partner Honors Alliance Member

Throughout the year, the Alliance for Children and Families will promote programs, ideas, and activities sponsored by national organizations that support the core values inherent in National Family Week (NFW). These organizations reinforce the NFW objective to strengthen children and families, especially those who are vulnerable.
Big Brothers Big Sisters, a longtime partner and supporter of National Family Week, has awarded its 2006 National Big Sister of the Year award to an employee of an Alliance for Children and Families’ member.

Betsy Gorman-Bernardi, director of public relations, St. Anne Institute in Albany, New York, received this distinction because of her constant guidance and support of 17-year-old LaMecca Butler.

According to America’s Promise Bulletin, “Over the past eight years, Gorman-Bernardi has provided Butler the support she needed to overcome many hardships and obstacles. Butler credits Gorman-Bernardi with helping her make good choices.

‘Growing up in my neighborhood was hard. It’s a tough place and I could have gotten caught up in the ‘mix’ many times. Instead, I’d stop and think. . . If I did this-if I got in trouble-how would I explain it to Betsy? She helped me choose and stay on the right path,’ said Butler.”

As part of the honor, Gorman-Bernardi and Butler, and the winner of the Big Brother of the Year met with President George W. Bush in the oval office in late June.

Alliance member and annual National Family Week participant, St. Anne Institute, not only makes a difference in the lives of children in the Albany area through its programs and services, its employees spend their free time making a difference too. To learn more about St. Anne Institute, visit here. or Big Brothers Big Sisters.